What should I use my online account for?

Your online account will be a fantastic resource as you prepare for your trip. Loaded with all sorts of goodness, you can use your online account to:

Review and accept your Booking Conditions, which is required in order to travel.

Confirm your personal details. It's super important that your name and date of birth aligns exactly with your passport! Take a minute to review and confirm here.

Make payments and update your payment plan. Even if you're on the Automatic Payment Plan, you may want to put that birthday check from grandma to good use towards your trip.

Communicate with your Trip Consultant. View their contact information so you can reach out if you need help with anything.

Customize your trip. Add or remove optional excursions, protect your investment with insurance, submit your roommate or request a Special Travel Arrangement.

Refer a friend. The "Earn Travel Credit" tab helps you save money towards your trip. Test your skills in persuasion by encouraging others to travel with us too.

Access flight and hotel information. 30 days before your trip, you can see which accommodations you'll be staying in and view your flight itinerary.

MUCH more! Packing lists? Check. Countdown to your trip? Check. Page for donations? Check. Checklists with checkboxes? Umm... check.



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