Tell me more about the Automatic Payment Plan.

We offer an interest-free Automatic Payment Plan, and most of our travelers choose this option to help keep payments low and on time. 

You can select monthly or bi-weekly payments. The tour cost is divided across these installments, and your chosen payment method will be automatically charged on your chosen date. The final payment will take place 30 days before the departure of your trip.

Note: A $35 fee will be assessed to your account for each declined charge on the Automatic Payment Plan.

If you have two declined payments in a row you will be removed from the Automatic Payment Plan and a $50 fee will be applied to enroll you in the Manual Payment Plan. 

How much will my payments cost?

That depends on a few things: your home gateway, desired trip and time of year. To find the exact cost, first pick the date on your dream trip.


Next, scroll down. By "Monthly Payment", click the little "Calculate" button.


From there, you can adjust your deposit amount and payment dates, and your new payment amount will calculate accordingly.



Then, give yourself a high five. You worked hard today.




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