Is it common to book a trip solo?

Completely! In fact, we encourage it. Over 60% of our travelers sign up alone, but none of them travel alone. You'll be making friends from all over the country and sharing experiences to remember for a lifetime.

What's more? Traveling solo gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, find a new side of yourself and see the world the way YOU want to see it.

We'll also set you up with a private Facebook group a couple months prior to your trip, so you can connect with your future best friends before you even depart! The first night of your tour will have a welcome mixer (included in the price) that will give you the chance to have a couple drinks, break the ice and start your adventure right.

Not convinced? Read more about traveling solo here, and check out Introvert? Extrovert? Read this if you wanna travel.

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