What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled?

We're here for you! These things can happen, and we're available 24/7 if they do. First things first: don't panic; go with the flow and try to stay positive.

Here are some steps to take if your flight changes:

1. Work with the airline. It is their responsibility to rebook your flight, so be persistent! Explain to them that you're part of a group tour, and it's important to arrive as close to your original time as possible. Let them know that you're flexible to take another route or airline.

2. Give us the update. Since we need to arrange your transfer from the airport, it is necessary to have your updated arrival time. You can contact your Tour Director (or our 24/7 support line) to let them know the new arrival time, and they will be able to provide instructions for when you land.

3. Let us help you. You should have the most success working directly with the airline, as you are their passenger. However, if you're not getting what you need or are unsatisfied with what they present to you, we can do our best to intervene and look for new options. Give us a call at 800.766.2645, and we'll make sure you get to tour as soon as possible.

Above all, remember to relax; don't let this start your journey off on the wrong foot! Weather, mechanical issues, etc. are those things that are beyond anyone's control. Traveling allows you the chance to embrace the unexpected, roll with the punches and find new roads. After all, it is an adventure, isn't it?

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