What if I want to buy my own flights?

While it is not recommended, you can choose to make your own flight arrangements and we offer the flexibility to purchase a trip "No Flights Included." Review our Booking Conditions for full details and read on for some important tips here.


How do I buy a trip without flights?

When pricing your trip, select “No Flights Included” from the drop-down menu of gateway options. The list of options can be found next to the "Departing from" field:


How should I plan my own flight itinerary?

If you select Land Only, you are responsible for booking your own flights arriving in time for the scheduled start of your tour as published; please review the itinerary closely as tour activities often begin on day 2 or day 3 of the itinerary as specified. 


What about flights on tour?

Any flights between cities on the itinerary are included as part of your tour package, even if you choose this No Flights Included option.


Will EF Ultimate Break arrange my airport transfers?

If you choose to book your own flights, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation to the first hotel listed on your itinerary and back to the airport at the end of tour. (Transfers to and from the airport are included in the tour price for travelers who purchase flights with us!)


When should I book my own flight tickets?

We recommend waiting until 60 days before your trip to book your tickets. If we have to modify your itinerary in any way, you are responsible for altering your flight plans accordingly and any costs that result from such changes or cancellations.

To avoid these costs, EF recommends that you should not book your own flights or other independent travel arrangements until your trip has been confirmed at 60 days prior to departure.


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